The historic no74 Martello tower in Seaford, built as part of the defences during the Napoleonic wars, is an important and prominent landmark in this busy seaside town. In 2004 it was restored to become a museum for the town’s records, as well as hosting a number of historical exhibits. The tower is in constant use and real focal point, so keeping it looking its best and making the surrounding public realm inviting is high on the agenda.

Benchmark street furniture were approached to create some curved benches to be fixed to the sea defence surrounding the tower. With a solid concrete wall to secure in to, a cantilever design was made possible. 316 stainless steel laser profiles where cut that not only supported the curved benches but allowed for Iroko slat back rests and the addition of commemorative plaques.
Being meters away from the sea the use of resilient materials was key thus marine grade 316 stainless steel was the only option.

With the plan of further benches to be installed this new and inviting space will only add to the all ready popular sea front attraction

curved bench - benchmark street furniture

Benchmark design street furniture – Shoreline SL007 curved bench