Reclaimed sustainable timber benches

The design for these benches and seats have been dictated by the material its self. Having been reclaimed from a Welsh viaduct these large beams of hardwood are piece of history and thus we have opted not to cut them up in to small sections. Luckily being roughly 430mm these are a perfect dimension for a comfortable bench, so to achieve a good finish these are planed smooth and then sanded multiple times to offer a safe and smooth to touch surface. Recycled steel legs are attached and any unsuitable holes plugged. Backrest and armrest can also be added.

These sustainable and reclaimed benches will enhance any street scene and will also add history and texture to their surrounding environment. .



  • Length – 600 -6000mm
  • Width – 420mm
  • Height – 450mm

Finish Codes

  • PC – Powder coating on galvanised steel
  • SS – 316 stainless steel 320 grit
  • BD – Bespoke dimensions available

Installation Codes

  • EM – Embedment fixing
  • BP – Base plate below ground fixing
  • SM – Base plate surface fixing


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