Rookes Heath College

Stylish curved furniture for a refectory area, including functional tables and stools.

Our brief was to provide an external seating area to complement a new curved extension at Rookes Heath College, incorporating a stylish refectory opening out onto a large decking area.

Following a site survey and discussions with the school we put forward several designs based on our Centerline range. It was important that the furniture provided a social seating area for the pupils, but without restricting the flow around the outside perimeter of the curved building. It was decided that S shaped benches (that could be sat upon from both sides) and the introduction of tables and stools would give the desired result. 316 stainless steel was selected as the best medium for the project as it would be easy to maintain, stand up to the high usage and fit in with the architectural style of the building.

This outdoor area has proven to be a great success and many other schools have now adopted a similar approach, rather than the usual installation of rows of straight benches.

Location: Rookes Heath College
Products: CL007 – CL048 – CL table + stools
Finish: 316 stainless steel
Options: Custom curves
Embedment: Surface mounted