Bespoke products for Dragon School, Oxford

During the summer break the renowned Dragon School in Oxford began improvements to a large central playground

Dragon school, Oxford were looking for some bespoke products for a new playground scheme. After visiting the site we went away to design up some one-off items for this prestigious school. The concept came from our Shoreline range, adapted to meet the demands of a busy playground.

A communal oval table with matching curved benches required some innovative design solutions. To simplify the production of the unique slats that make up the tabletop, a cutting template was made. The client also requested that the design allowed for potential future relocations. We achieved this by including a detachable mechanical fix between the tabletop and stainless steel profile, as well as a solid resin fix between the profile and the large free-standing granite blocks. This enables the tabletop and granite blocks to be disconnected and relocated as manageable separate items.

This versatile double-fix solution was also incorporated into the accompanying benches, along with staple ends to protect the timbers as well as offering a smooth continuous look.

We also supplied our standard Shoreline SL008 curved bench and SLPL planter. With a 2.5m diameter and 1.8m height, this is one of the largest planters we have produced to date and required engineering to keep it safe and workable. To this aim we fitted a large aluminium liner to take the additional weight

The overall scheme provided a high quality, bespoke furniture range to the renovated playground, as well as a few excited comments from staff who thought the planter being installed was a hot tub!

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Location: Dragon School, Oxford.
Products: SL008 – SL Table – SL PLanter.
Finish: 316 stainless steel – Iroko Hardwood – Granite plinths.
Options: Bespoke design, Mechanical
Fixing Method: Granite plinths resin