Curved Street furniture for Alexandra Park, Windsor

The continued upgrade of Alexandra park, using centerline curved street furniture..

The Royal borough of Windsor and Maidenhead have gradually been replacing and installing additional seating at Alexandra Gardens and Bath Island over a number of years. Being so close to Windsor Castle and the town centre the park attracts a great many tourists requiring robust yet inviting street furniture. Benchmark has supplied items from our Centerline range since 2005 and once again we were pleased to supply further curved seating.


Our CL010 seat can be curved to any radius and manufactured to any length, giving the landscape designer the flexibility to follow the existing paving layout and in this instance, minimise the amount of groundworks and disruption in the park. The finish is a resilient Plazcoat black powder coating giving the seats a traditional look that blends in with the existing street furniture.

We hope the CL010s will receive the “royal seal of approval” for many years to come.

For further information on our Centerline CL010 seat please click here.

Location: Alexandra Park, Windsor Products: CL010 Centerline Curved seat Finish: PlazCoat Powder coated
Options: Bespoke dimensions, Intermittent armrests
Fixing: Below surface embedment