Dunmail, Bristol

Reclaimed timber benches for this new landscaped lane, offering a safe and welcoming community space for residents and their families to meet and gather, relax and play.


Elberry way is An award-winning collection of beautifully curated homes in a landscaped setting and surrounded by woods and parkland 

Churchman Landscape Architects approached us to help design up a simple, robust and environmental sensitive bench for this new site. The emphasis being to use recycled and reclaimed materials where possible, This was a key part of the process, keeping it inline with the sustainable practices that have been used throughout the development.

By using reclaimed materials we had to work backwards In the design process, as you are often limited by the dimensions available. We were able to source 6 metre long Opepe beams that had been reclaimed from Barmouth Viaduct. These had suitable dimensions to produce the natural style seating that the client was looking for.

Being a reclaimed material careful selection of each beam was required to ensure that no large cracks, shakes, splinters or metal fixings would be detrimental to the finished design. Satisfied that the timbers were sound we plugged and planed the beams on all sides to create a clean level surfaces that also exposed the natural beauty of the Opepe. The design brief called for metal arms and bases with a galvanised finish this further reflected the natural theme as well as ensuring good longevity.

The reclaimed timber benches at Elderberry Walk have successfully contributed to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the outdoor spaces. The combination of hardwood and galvanised steel not only aligns with the sustainable ethos of the housing development but also provides a durable and visually appealing seating solution for residents and visitors.

The project stands as a testament to the successful integration of reclaimed materials into contemporary urban design, demonstrating that sustainable practices can coexist with aesthetic considerations and functional requirements. The benches not only serve as practical seating but also enhance the communal atmosphere of Elderberry Walk, creating inviting spaces for social interaction and relaxation.

Location: Bristol
Products: Reclaimed Dunmail
Finish: Galvanised steel and Hardwood
Options: Bespoke dimensions
Embedment: Embedment fix