Haringey Sixth Form College

Huge refurbishment of External Courtyards

In early 2021 we where approached by Brookhouse UK to supply a few stools for Haringey 6th form College.
The college had two large external courtyards that where almost unused by its students. The aim of the rejuvenation was to create a number of communal spaces that would encourage the pupils to meet, eat and study on site instead of leaving the campus.

After brief discussions it was decided we could offer much more than just stools. Working with Brookhouse we designed up a number of further items, straight and curved benches, planters, litterbins and signage. Within a matter of hours we where able to supply them and they’re client with 3d rendered images showing what could be achieved.

With all of our street furniture we can adapt it to suit individual project needs and budgets. We will always looks to offer cost saving in the design process, be it rotating the timbers, adapting the dimensions to suit standard materials, there is many ways to achieve cost savings.

For this project we adapted items from our Campus street furniture range. The main change was designing out the box section to change it for an aluminium edging, this kept cost down and also offered a more minimalist look. This was tided through to ths, curved benches, planters and litter bins. The other items put forward where our centerline stools, these where adapted to be free standing, yet heavy enough to be stable with out fixings. Matching tables where also manufactured, this offered the students the flexibility to change the space to configure it in a way that worked for them.

Over all the College where extremely happy with the outcome and are looking forward to utilising the new spaces to their full potential.

Location: Haringey 6th Form College
Products: Campus benches, planters, stools
Finish: Aluminium, mild steel
Options: Bespoke dimensions and design
Embedment: Surface mounted