UNMC and the Nebraska Medical Center

Bespoke stainless steel street furniture for the Kaneko designed Medical Center, Nebraska.

Benchmark street furniture where contacted by the Olsson group Omaha, to help deliver some bespoke cantilever benches to this truly inspiring medical centre.

This new greenspace features 18 ceramic columnar sculptures created by Omaha artist Jun Kaneko. The sculptures are incorporated into a grove of mature trees. Our modified CL005/CL007 Benches line the walk and provide visitors, medical center employees and students the opportunity to seek calmness and beauty amid a tranquil park-like setting.

The specification was to incorporate subtle lighting that would down light the space. This required modifying our standard CL007 curved bench to include a radius piece of stainless steel to hide the LED’s.
This modification also required us to adapt the cantilever wall mounting to allow the strip lighting to pass freely along the whole length of the bench. Any of our stainless steel curved furniture can be curved to suit any radius.

As with all of our stainless steel street furniture we can adapt and engineer every element to suit individual project needs.

Location: Omaha USA
Products: CL005 CL007
Finish: 316 stainless steel
Options: Bespoke light fittings
Embedment: Surface mounted/Wall mounted