Llandaff Play Park, Cardiff

Phase one revamp of this colourful Cardiff play park

In late 2021 Llandaff fields play park underwent a huge revamp. Phase 1 one which was completed early 2020 is the first step in dramatically upgrading this very busy play park

Cardiff parks department worked closely with a number of local Primary schools to help generate a range of ideas that they would like to see incorporated in to the new park design. The main feature has become a large central embankment with multiple apparatus creating a number of fun routes for kids to get up and down.

With the bold new colour palette this has helped transform the space in to a vibrant and enticing local attraction. With this in mind we where tasked with creating some very large and very red platforms come seating. The idea being these could doubled up as a stage, bench, picnic spots and so on.

Due to the size of these it presented a few challenges. The first being that they needed to be shipped in multi pieces, they required fork lift access as well as a system to be lowed to surface level, the timber top had to have no visible fixings and also be removable should they want to re-locate them. All of this criteria meant some clever internal engineering and design was needed to create these mammoth benches.

Manufactured using powder coated zintec steel and bamboo hardwood, this resulted in a low maintenance and hardwearing solution. Overall these three large bespoke items of street furniture have really added to this revamped park. The materials chosen will allow these platforms to be jumped on for years to come.

Location: Llandaff, Cardiff
Products: Bespoke design
Finish: Zintec steel, Bamboo hardwood
Options: levelling feet – fully removable
Embedment: Surface fix