University of Southampton, Cafe 28

Enhancing the externals of Cafe 28 with Contemporary Steel Street Furniture


Enhancing Cafe 28 with Contemporary Steel Street Furniture

The University of Southampton boasts a vibrant campus with diverse amenities, including the popular Café 28. As part of ongoing efforts to enhance the campus environment and create comfortable gathering spaces for students and faculty, a project was undertaken to introduce new contemporary wooden and steel street furniture

Over the years Benchmark has supplied the University with many items from our popular stainless steel Centerline street furniture range

Knowing the quality of our work we were invited to come up with some fresh designs that would blend into the natural surroundings of the park. With this in mind we put forward two relatively new design, utilising a combination of FSC Iroko hardwood and a simple steel framework.  These design offers a sleek and modern touch.

Both items coming from out Seven range, the X picnic table and Join me bench. These both offer a picnic set that is both robust and elegant in form.

The new furniture has breathed new life into Café 28’s outdoor space, creating an inviting and attractive environment that encourages students, faculty, and visitors to spend more time outdoors.
The introduction of outdoor seating has led to increased usage of the outdoor area, facilitating casual meetings, study sessions, and social interactions.

Location: University of Southampton 
Products: Seven X picnic table & Join Me bench
Finish: Folded steel Pc/Galv – FSC Iroko hardwood
Options: Bespoke dimensions
Embedment: Surface mounted