West Street, Horsham

Regeneration plans for the town centre have taken another step forward with the updating of West Street, the town’s primary shopping area.

Horsham means ‘place of horses’ and as such, this has been used as a theme to link the landscaping elements together.

After public consultation, a scheme was approved that included items from our Shoreline range. Back-to-back seats constructed from Iroko timber slats were selected, some of which were inscribed with facts about Horsham’s equine history. Planters and litter bins were also installed, these etched with poems written by local school children. The whole area, which includes horseshoes set into the new paving and improved lighting, has transformed the street into an engaging and informing public space.

Location: Horsham Town Centre
Products: SL003 – SL052 – SLPL
Finish: 316 stainless steel – Iroko varnish
Options: SL003 Armrest, Varnish finish
Embedment: Below surface embedment