Edinburgh House, Jersey

147 new homes created, as well as the creation of beautiful public spaces for the whole Island community to enjoy.


Edinburgh House, located in the picturesque coastal setting of Jersey Is the most recent development to open its doors to new tenants.

Designed by Morris Architects the development included a number of outdoor communal spaces. Due to the coastal environment the street furniture needed to withstand the effects of salt in the air so

316 marine stainless steel was specified as the material of choice.

The new buildings required furniture to complement its modern design thus items from our Baseline and Centreline ranges were chosen for the large external courtyard.

By specifying the Contemporary and coordinated design of our Baseline BL025 picnic sets, Centreline CL003 seats and bespoke corner benches this has created a timeless and modern space for the residents to use. Having used stainless steel these items are extremely durable and will require little to no maintenance.


*Photos courtesy of Morris Architects

Location: Jersey
Products: BL025, CL003 seat, CL005 bespoke
Finish: Bushed 316 stainless steel
Options: Bespoke dimensions
Embedment: Embedment fix