Fairchild’s Garden, London

A former disused tennis court turned into a vibrant social area, seamlessly blending historical homage with contemporary design.


Tucked away near the bustling junction of Hackney Road and Columbia Road in Shoreditch, East London, lies a rejuvenated open space now known as Fairchild’s Garden.

Named after Thomas Fairchild, a pioneering horticulturist renowned for his discovery of plant sexuality. The space, framed by magnificent London plane trees, has been transformed from a disused tennis court into a vibrant social area, seamlessly blending historical homage with contemporary design.

Central to the park’s new look is the bespoke street furniture. Our Exeter EX007 Curve bench, was chosen as the backbone due to is versatility. These where specified in FSC hardwood with recycled steel and then finished in a vibrant pink powder coat. This bench is capable of being curved to any radius, allows for backrests and arm to be added at any point. They can produced as long seamless pieces or as small individual units. Its striking colour and adaptable design make it one of standout features in the park.

Additionally, a bespoke 5m x 5m platform was created, mirroring the design elements of the benches. This platform, supplied in numerous parts for easy on-site assembly, includes a removable section to ensure access for the care and maintenance of the well-established central tree. This thoughtful design underscores our commitment to sustainability and practical functionality.

The final striking element although not manufactured by us was the ping pong table, which we deconstructed and finished in the matching Pink Ral colour. This adds a sense of coordination and fun throughout the park.

One of the primary challenges faced during the project was the integration of new elements with the park’s existing features, particularly the mature trees. The design and manufacturing process had to ensure that the street furniture would complement the natural environment without causing disruption. The solution was the modular design of the platform, which allowed for flexibility and ease of maintenance.

Another challenge was creating a space that honored Thomas Fairchild’s legacy while fitting the contemporary context of Shoreditch. The planting and textures selected hark back to 18th-century English gardening traditions, yet the overall outcome is a modern space that meets the needs of today’s urban community. The vibrant pink benches, in particular, serve as a bold visual statement that bridges the historical and the contemporary.

The rejuvenation of Fairchild’s Garden is a testament to the successful integration of historical tribute and modern design. Through thoughtful planning, innovative street furniture solutions, and a deep respect for the natural environment, the project has created a beautiful, functional space that honors the past while embracing the future. This revitalized park now stands as a cherished landmark in Shoreditch, offering a welcoming green space for all to enjoy.

Location: Shoreditch
Products: Exeter EX007 Curved benches
Finish: Galvanised steel and Hardwood
Options: Bespoke dimensions
Embedment: Surface mounted