Rushcliffe Oaks Crematorium

Helping to create a tranquil and respectful environment with bespoke street furniture


The New Rushcliffe Oaks Crematorium, located in the serene outskirts of Rushcliffe, envisioned creating a tranquil and respectful environment for visitors to pay their respects to their departed loved ones. 
A key part of this new site was to create a range of beautiful of outdoor landscaped areas. Benchmark were approached to aid in creating bespoke external furniture that would fit in with these new spaces.

The project entailed the design, manufacture, and supply of custom benches, including the EX007 curved bench and the EX003 seat. These were all tailored to accommodate multiple memorial plaques. The centerpiece of the project was the large EX007 curved bench, crafted from FSC Iroko hardwood, spanning an impressive 10-meter diameter. 

The project began with a detailed consultation between Benchmark Street Furniture’s design team and the client, Rushcliffe Oaks Crematorium. 

The client had a clear vision of creating a serene and welcoming space for visitors. They required street furniture that not only offered comfortable seating but also had soft yet modern aesthetic to match the stunning grounds .
Our design team worked closely with the client to create a bespoke solution that met their specific requirements. The EX007 curved bench was designed to seamlessly fit into the landscaped environment, offering visitors a comfortable and contemplative place to sit. Its large 10-meter diameter was a unique feature, ensuring that the bench could accommodate a significant number of people while maintaining a harmonious aesthetic.
The EX003 seat, on the other hand, was designed with characteristics that would allow for multiple memorial plaques. This thoughtful design ensured that visitors could personalise the seating area in memory of their loved ones, adding a meaningful touch to the crematorium’s ambiance.
The collaboration between Benchmark Street Furniture and Rushcliffe Oaks Crematorium resulted in the successful design, manufacture, and supply of bespoke street furniture benches that have transformed the crematorium’s ambiance. The use of high-quality materials, precision engineering, and thoughtful design have created an environment that offers both comfort and solace to visitors, making it a place of reflection and remembrance.
This case study serves as a testament to the power of thoughtful design and craftsmanship in enhancing the overall experience in public spaces, especially those dedicated to the memory of loved ones.

Location: Rushcliffe 
Products: Exeter Ex003 seat, Ex007 curved bench
Finish: Folded steel Pc/Galv – FSC Iroko hardwood
Options: Bespoke dimensions
Embedment: Surface mounted