Vita Student Accommodation – Leeds

Bespoke timber seat manufactured for a bustling public realm in Leeds city centre

Portland Crescent, Leeds has recently seen the doors open to a new student accommodation. The 312 room building offers students high quality living with a number of luxury facilities not seen in most high rises of this type. Student can enjoy a roof terrace, floor to ceiling windows, coffee lounge and a number of other attractions.

Benchmark where approached to create a bespoke L shaped seat for the impressive entrance way. A small public realm space had been created with planting positioned to screen off the road. With this in mind the Landscape Architects drew up a seat to follow these new planting beds.
As with all of our work a number of 3d renders where produced to show the client how we intended to manufacture the street furniture along with options that could be produced to offer but value.

With this particular site we had to over come a 300mm change in level so this had to be engineered in to the design.

Overall what looks like a simple and sophisticated item of street furniture has a hidden level of complexity within the sub structure. With the majority of fixing hidden and no plugs used this bench will stand up to the test of time as well as offering easy maintenance should it be required.

Location: Leeds
Products: Bespoke Exeter
Finish: Folded steel Pc/Galv – FSC Iroko hardwood
Options: Bespoke dimensions
Embedment: Surface mounted