With the development of the West Lothian Council offices and surrounding busy green spaces, we where asked to design up some bespoke stainless steel picnic tables and benches.

It was decided to use a perforated steel top to aid with drainage and create a level surface that could be used for simple lunches or informal meetings. Curved coordinated benches where design to allow for easy access as well as space for wheel chairs.

By using 316 stainless steel these products will outlast their timber counterparts by many years, matched with the fact that steel is 100% recyclable they are not only more cost effect but also environmentally friendly.

Each item is manufactured to individual project needs, be it, fixing methods, sizes and dimensions or difficult shaped areas. This gives the designer complete freedom to create the right item for their project.

stainless steel picnic tables and benches

316 stainless steel picnic sets. Bespoke dimensions

Perforated Centerline picnic table