In April 2020 the HMRC will move in to the new flagship building to be named Queen Elizabeth House.

Located in Edinburghs most anticipated new district “New Waverley” this exciting 7.5m acre site on the Royal Mil

Exeter Ex007 curved benches

curved street furniture

e is tipped to be one of the most important developments in the city for many years.

This impressive new building will comprise over 3000 Uk Government civil servants, serving multiple department’s. Outdoor space for the employees was at a premium so multiple roof top gardens have been incorporated into the design. As part of these green spaces curved pathways where incorporated to link the different spaces. With this in mind Benchmark”s remit was to design seating that would match the flowing curved nature of the design.

With the unique way we produce our Exeter range of street furniture it allows us to match any radius. We can manufacture to any length with seamless junctions. The materials can be specified to meet budget requirements, be it Stainless steel, corten or a simple powder coated finish. Timbers range from a choice of FSC hardwoods to your more available softwoods.

This relatively small project will end up making a very large impression on this historic Capital and with the newly created elevated green spaces offering an exciting new skyline.