Having previously supplied the University of Nottingham with a number of 316 stainless steel picnic tables and stools, we were asked to create a new design for the renovated Mooch Bar terraced area.

Collaborating with an interior designer at CPMG Architects we came up with a number of designs, including a timber and galvanised version as well as a powder coated mild steel option. In the end, to coordinate with the rest of the sites around the campus, a straight up stainless steel with a perforated top was decided upon. The addition of a laser cut footrest and strengthened fixing plates gave the stools an industrial and robust look.

External bar stools

Stainless steel bar stools for the University of Nottingham – Designed by Benchmark street furniture

With everything Benchmark manufactures being made to order, we can quickly and efficiently design and cost up individual projects. This allows the architect or designer the freedom to create interesting and unique items of external furniture without the bespoke cost.

Photos credited to CPMG Architects.